Bush Camp & Photography Hide

Located in the Greater Kruger National Park

Antares Bush Camp offers a unique safari experience in the heart of Greater Kruger National Park. Located within the Balule Nature Reserve, this exclusive bush camp boasts over 7500 Ha of traversing area, allowing you to explore a diverse range of landscapes and encounter the Big 5 and over 300 bird species. The camp’s highlight is the Umgede photography hide, situated on the water’s edge, which provides a perfect vantage point for photographing wildlife up close. After a day of wildlife viewing, relax in the plunge pool and stay connected with free Wi-Fi. Come and discover the beauty of Antares Bush Camp, where you can capture memories to last a lifetime

Antares Bush Camp

Private Self Catering Accommodation

Escape to Antares for an exclusive, affordable self-catering accommodation in the Greater Kruger. A fully-catered option is also available on request.With only five en-suite bedrooms accommodating a maximum of eight guests, you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of the bush with your small group or family. Enjoy air-conditioning, indoor and outdoor showers. Perfect for nature enthusiasts and photographic groups, Antares offers unique game-viewing opportunities in a warm, authentic, and welcoming rustic setting. Come and discover the magic of Antares for yourself!

Umgede Photography Hide

Unique photography hide in the Kruger National Park Area

Umgede’s photography hide offers a truly unique experience, allowing you to capture stunning photos of wildlife from their level. With ample space for up to four photographers, adjustable chairs, and sturdy camera supports, you can get up close and personal with the animals. Non-photographers can relax in comfortable seating while waiting for the perfect shot. Don’t miss this opportunity to create award-winning photos and memories. Book now for an unforgettable stay at Umgede and experience the magic of our photography hide.

Activities and Guides

Photography Guidance and game drives

Experience a game drive from the back of an open Land Rover and come close to the larger animal species on the reserve. Discover over 300 bird species on guided birding tours. Join a morning game walk to learn about the wildlife and nature. It is possible to book a photography guide and learn from a professional photographer to capture stunning images from Umgede Hide.

Antares Blog

what is happening at the umgede photography hide

Discover the hidden gems of the African bush through our blog. We share our guests’ stories of unforgettable sightings at our photography hide, where the waterhole attracts an array of unique wildlife. From majestic elephants and rare bird species to elusive big cats, there’s always something special to capture through your lens. Join our community of passionate photographers and nature enthusiasts and let us inspire you to embark on your own unforgettable adventure.

Meet the Antares Team

Ian Owtram

Ian is a highly qualified wildlife expert, with extensive experience in guiding and teaching guests and potential field guides, sharing his broad knowledge and insights of all aspects of the African bushlife. He has worked at Thornybush Private Game Lodge, qualified as an Advanced Trails Guide, and has a keen interest in wildlife photography. Ian is committed to providing a professional service to any client or guest and sharing his insights about the plants, animals, and birdlife.

Mel Owtram

Mel's passion for African wildlife is equally matched with her knowledge, administrative skills, and photographic expertise. With a degree in Environmental Biology, experience as a zookeeper and having taught at an environmental education centre, she brings a wealth of expertise to Antares. As a devoted mother to their children, Cary and Savanna, she ensures the smooth running of the camp's social media platforms, alongside Ian's guided activities.

Linky Mankgela

Linky has worked at Antares for several years now ensuring that the facilities are always kept neat and clean, doing all the washing and related laundry. Her mother cares for her three children while she is working, as is normal in the local culture. Her home is close to the mountains in a small village called “Enable”. She always has a smile on her face and is an extremely loyal employee.

Armstrong Ntimane

Armstrong joined our small team at the end of 2022 when he took over his father's position after Reginald had to retire due to medical reasons. He has sadly since then passed away and Armstrong has fitted into his big shoes quickly. Armstrong is always willing to assist around the camp and will often be seen going about his daily activities with a smile on his face. His family home is located at Welverdiend near the Orpen gate into the Kruger National Park.

Adelaide Mankgela

Adelaide is our newest member of staff having joined us in June 2023. She is Linky's niece and has joined the team to help out in the housekeeping department. She has a young daughter at home. She lives in the same village as her Aunt and together they will make sure that the camp is always clean and ready for you.