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July 2015 week 6

Imagine yourself making a fire out of sticks, being surrounded by elephants and just before you go to sleep – saying good night to a female leopard. Sounds imaginary? Not if you’re living in the bush!
Week 6 has been a very special week for us, a week we have not only studied new things but have also experienced it ourselves! After learning how to survive in the bush when stuck and no help available, we’ve tried to examine our practical survival skills. So what do you do when you really want some tea but all your matches are wet and you don’t smoke? Easy! You simply start rubbing two pieces of wood one against each other, hoping a fire will start.

But what use to be a simple thing for the prehistoric man is not so easy for the modern man. But never lose hope! After 15 minutes of rubbing two pieces of wood (14 minutes more than what it takes the bushman) we had a fire going on, ready to boil the kettle on. We’re ready for harsh conditions, no doubt about it.

Not long after we’ve fel t like we were in the early days of human kind, we bumped into a herd of about a 100 elephants.

They were all around us – big ones and small ones, males and females. It seemed like they were not too much bothered by us, as they were eating and playing only a few meters away from us, coming closer and closer all the time. A real blending with nature experience!

Leopards are hard to spot and see. They tend to hide away, are usually on their own and known to be a pretty shy animal. But after so many years in Grietjie reserve, without seeing them, you start doubting if they really do exist around here. This week left no place for a doubt. Just before leaving the reserve, crossing the fence with a duiker in her mouth, we saw one of the beautiful female leopards living in Grietjie. Sometimes in life you need more luck than brains.

After such a special week, we have high expectations from the upcoming week. Will be very hard to beat everything we’ve experienced this week, but every day and every week has its own special sightings, atmosphere and events. May this week be as good as the last one, and special in its own way!

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