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July 2015 week 4

Buffalo, birds, spiders and Latin?

We started the week off with a bang while we were on our walk we tracked and found a large herd of buffalo of about 130; it was truly the most magnificent sight we had ever seen.

We kicked off on our new lessons on birds and the very next day Ian took us down to the Oliphant’s river to do some bird watching where we sat on the river bank and saw a variety of different species of birds such as the hooded vulture, 3 banded plover, white bellied sunbird and much more (our bird identification skills are much better as well). The next morning we went on a drive with guests where we also saw a ton of wildlife as well as learnt about each one.

On Thursday we started off our bush walk and the next thing we heard a loud roar, so we rushed back to the centre and raced off to find the lions but just our luck we saw no lions, I’m starting to assume they don’t like us very much and when they see us they just get up and walk in the complete opposite direction. After the thrill of the race we got off and continued our walk where we learnt about the common brown baboon spider and also picked up a friend along the way (giraffe) who followed us for a good long while.

Once back at the centre we started learning about taxonomy and well that’s a whole other ball game, especially if you can’t pronounce or even spell out half of the scientific name given to each species.

On Friday we were all on edge as we had to do our bird presentations however we all achieved with marks no less than 85 percent.

Now finally we could sit back and relax for the weekend

– Nisa Scannell

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