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A Unique Bushman Tracker Experience

Have you ever felt that urge to connect with your primitive past and connect to the earth again. Deep inside almost all of us is a desire to be the “survivor” and to pit ourselves against the elements. The San Bushmen of the Kalahari are among some of the oldest and last remaining tribes on the planet who continue to live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle and rely on what the planet provides in a sustainable manner.


Unfortunately due to the ongoing lockdown situation globally this event has been cancelled in 2020, but we intend to run another one in 2021 and hopefully annually thereafter, so please read the details below to give yourself an idea of what you can expect next year when we will hopefully be back to a sense of normality once again. The dates will change and will be published in due course and the rates will be revised accordingly.


Antares Bush camp & Safaris in conjunction with Mhangela Lodge offers you an opportunity to spend 3 days in the company of four of the last remaining indigenous San Master Trackers. The four Ju/’hoansi trackers from the western Kalahari in north-eastern Namibia are among some of the last surviving experts in their traditional skills. The Ju/’hoansi were made famous by starring in the film “The Gods must be Crazy”.


From 8-11 June, 12 guests will have the enviable opportunity to spend time with these amazing San bushmen and observe them put their Master Tracker skills to the test in the Grietjie and Doreen section of the Balule Nature Reserve. Not only will you learn from them, but you will be offered the opportunity to try and match their skills at tracking, whether it is the elusive leopard or the dainty impala. They will show you how to track game and read animal behaviour, whether it is the mighty lion and elephant or the tortoise who carries his house around with him. The Ju/’hoansi are bow and arrow hunters, persistence-running hunters and peerless earth readers.


In the evenings, time will be spent listening to their stories around the campfire, learning about their connections to the stars and much more. However the camp fire won’t happen unless you learn to make fire in the traditional manner of rubbing two sticks together.


Each lodge will accommodate 3 couples or 6 guests but all meals will be held together at one lodge or the other, thereby creating a variety of experiences.


Daily activities will include a walking trail on the tracks of whatever the trackers come across. This experience could last a few minutes or a couple of hours an so ideally participants should be fit enough to walk 5-10 kms. In the evenings the walks will be a shorter duration due to earlier sunsets. These walks will be more nature based and an opportunity to learn more about the gathering side of their hunter-gather lifestyle. One afternoon will be spent learning skills of making and then using a traditional bow and arrow or learning the ancient art of using  fire drill stick to start the campfire with.


The package includes full board and lodging, excluding beverages as we are not licensed. Guests will therefore need to bring their own preferred beverages. There will be a fridge made available for everyone to keep their drinks cold.


The cost for this unique experience is only R9750/person sharing. A single supplement of R14 250 will be applicable.

Costs exclude travel costs, daily conservation fees and any gratuities you may wish to make towards the staff and trackers.


This is a very special opportunity and one not to be missed. Book your spot now. To make a booking please email us directly on ian@antares.co.za. This offer is exclusively through the camp and is not available through any other booking platform.


Photo credit: Simon Sephton